When I started drafting the text for my website, I grappled with the question “exactly what is it that I do?”

Many labels could be used to describe what I do – coach, mentor, facilitator, consultant, thinking partner, therapist, analyst – all of which accurately describe aspects of what I do, yet none of which describe all of what I do.

So I decided to ask my clients for their perspectives, seen through the lenses of their individual experiences of working with me. There were similarities and differences in their feedback, yet there is a golden thread running through their experiences:

I assist people to transform their lives

and support them on their journeys


The questions which my clients ask are the same questions I’ve asked myself during the course of my life. For myself some of them have been answered, others are still works in progress…

What’s this life all about? What’s my purpose? What makes my heart sing? What’s blocking me from doing what I want to do, from achieving what I want to achieve, from having loving harmonious relationships, from being a good parent, from becoming unstuck? What does being authentic and true to myself look like? What do I really believe about myself and about life, and how are those beliefs manifesting in my life? Why do I keep on having the same kinds of problems – what do I need to learn from them, what gifts do they bear? What do I need to do? How do I do it?

All of these questions are aimed towards Self-discovery. Personal development. Healing. Transformation. Manifestation. Self-actualisation. Facilitating others’ journeys in the search for answers and change is my passion and what I was born to do.

What makes me able to do what I do? Although my educational qualifications [M.Prof (Coaching) from Middlesex University, U.K., QEC® Certified Practitioner] and my 20 years’ coaching experience are key factors, I believe that above all else it is my presence and intention that enables me to assist my clients and to facilitate the desired changes in their lives:

  • I see you
  • I hear you
  • I feel you
  • I assist you to heal and transform yourself and your life.

When I’m with you, I am really with you, in the here and now. I am fully present listening to you with all my senses, giving you 100% of my focus and attention, with your desired outcomes and best interests as my intention.

If you feel you may benefit from what I offer, I would be delighted to have a conversation with you. Please click here to schedule an introductory meeting with me.