Saul Goldblatt

About 20 years ago I was launching my coaching career and exploring all possible avenues for securing coaching contracts. I attended an interview at a large financial institution which was looking for executive coaches. The first question the interviewer asked me was “who are you?” I’d never been asked this question before, and had no idea how to answer. I felt panic, my brain froze, my face turned red, I started sweating. In a shaky voice I muttered a few unintelligible sentences. Needless to say they didn’t offer me a contract…

I’ve thought about this question many times since: who am I really? I think we tend to define ourselves by the roles we play and the things we do – in my case parent, project manager, coach, sportsman, seeker, lightworker, and so on – but these labels don’t define who I am.

My quest to find an answer revived many questions I’d been asking since my early 20’s, mostly related to the meaning of life and the restaurant at the end of the universe, but mainly what’s the purpose of my life? I felt that I couldn’t fully understand who I am without first answering this question.

I found a significant clue as a result of doing a “Find your Passion” exercise, which ultimately led to my undertaking a Master’s degree in coaching and the uncomfortable experience described above. It was a simple exercise:


Think about your life, and try to identify experiences which had 2 characteristics:

  • While you were having the experience, you were unaware of the passage of time, and
  • After the experience, you felt very good about yourself.

The pattern of experiences I identified which matched these 2 criteria was this: when I was engaged in meaningful 1-1 conversation with someone and helped them in some way, time flew, and afterwards I felt excited and had a heightened sense of self-esteem.

“Excitement is your true vibration. It’s your body’s translation of the frequency of your True Core Being. That’s why our biggest teaching is: Follow your Highest Excitement in life. Because that means when you act on it you’re in alignment with yourself. It’s the compass needle pointing to your magnetic north.” (Bashar)

And so I arrived at this answer to the “who am I?” question:

I’m a human being whose passion, purpose, privilege and pleasure is to
assist people to transform their lives and to support them on their life journeys.

If you’ve found this website in search of support for your journey, please have a look at the What Do I Do? section to gauge whether I may be able to meet your needs. And if you’re drawn to me and what I offer, I would be delighted to work together with you and be a part of your journey. Please click here to schedule an introductory meeting with me.

I had a wonderful experience during the sessions with Saul. He is an intelligent, sensitive, wise and pleasant person. It always felt good and comfortable to come to his sessions and I always felt that he is professional in what he is doing. When I was sharing how I feel he straight away saw the main problems that I need to give attention to. I feel I went through a deep process of self-healing with him. He helped me to overcome negative habits and thought patterns and to adopt new healthy thoughts and behaviours. He also helped me to heal from the traumas I experienced in childhood which influenced my responses and behaviour. I truly recommend to come to Saul.

Anastasiya T., Israel

Saul is very attentive and sensitive. He cares about reaching the accurate point, and that is helpful regarding the way QEC works. I could feel his heart and will working together and his deep wish for a blessed healing for me. I felt the results quite quickly in my body and soul. The deeper I went with observing the challenges and sharing with Saul, the more powerful was the transformation I felt.

Adi L., Israel

Saul came to me for a numerology reading in 2018 and has become a dear friend of mine. We have stayed in contact over the years and have shared in each other’s journeys. With a sense of awe, I have witnessed Saul’s deep commitment and dedication to his Soul’s work and offerings. I was so blessed to experience having Saul leading me through a QEC process. I felt heard, seen and safe as we worked through changing some self-limiting beliefs that were negatively impacting my life and replacing them with permanent positive ones. The shift was so immediate and lasting and it’s as if that old way of being never existed. I am forever grateful for this.

Megan C., South Africa

A wonderful mentor, an open ear, a wise spiritual guide. Saul was an invaluable source of advice and guidance in my journey to self-development. I first came to see him after struggling with anxiety and poor self-esteem for many years. Although both issues were ones I was familiar with, and familiar talking about with friends, family and psychologists, I found that Saul helped me reach new insights. Through his active listening, and ability to ask just the right question to open up a new path of thought, he helped guide me to explore new avenues to break down old habits and mental frameworks. My sessions with Saul helped me identify my mental obstacles, and change the way I perceived and approached them. His open, honest and attentive presence made me feel seen and heard. It was this experience that was most valuable in allowing me to open up honestly and comfortably, and reach avenues I had not previously reached prior to my coaching sessions. I’m most grateful to Saul, and highly recommend his services to anyone looking to gain self-insight and make life changes, and for a wonderful mentor to help guide the journey.

Ofir B., Israel